22 December 2022


57.9 km 3730 m 3730 m

07:00 (28.04) 10 hours17:00

Max alt: 1747 m
Alt. medie: 994 m
Min alt: 538 m
Cea mai lungă urcare: 900 m
Cea lungă coborâre: 1320 m
      Accum. Intermediary
POI Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Start   577 0 0 0 0 0 0
PA7 – Casuta MGS Feeding point 1182 8.2 796 191 8.2 796 191
P9 – Casa cu Povesti Control point 595 11.8 845 825 3.5 49 634
P10 – Valea Prejba Control point 604 12.6 864 836 0.7 19 11
PA11 – Berali Feeding point 1089 15.9 1364 852 3.3 500 16
PH15 – Jivart Hydration point 871 22 1581 1288 6.1 217 436
P16 – Varful Prejba Control point 1738 28.5 2481 1322 6.4 900 34
PA11 – Berali Feeding point 1087 31.9 2491 1980 3.4 10 658
P12 – Cabana Basmelor Control point 540 35.6 2517 2552 3.6 26 572
PH13 – Cabana Muntean Hydration point 581 38.4 2636 2632 2.8 119 80
P14 – Rosengarten Control point 1036 41.5 3096 2636 3.1 460 4
PA7 – Casuta MGS Feeding point 1181 43.7 3303 2699 2.1 207 63
P14 – Apa Cumpanita Control point 1296 48.5 3567 2848 4.7 264 149
P8 – Spre Fraga Control point 1179 50.7 3578 2974 2.1 11 126
PA3 – Nea Ion Feeding point 1043 52.5 3609 3141 1.7 31 167
Stop   577 57.9 3721 3721 5.3 112 580

The start will take place in front of the cultural home in Rasinari. The route climbs through the village alleys towards the village of Prislop.
After leaving the village, after about 1km, the ultramarathon runners (as well as the marathon and half marathon runners) will turn right to bypass the village of Prislop and follow the climb to Rosengarten. This will be marked on the access road to Măgura. After about 6.5km, you will exit into the secondary ridge under the power line following the road leading to the main ridge connecting vf. Măgura and Păltiniș. After another 1 km we will reach the feeding point at the MGS hut where the volunteers will allow only those who fit the 1:45 time limit at the start to continue the route.
From here you descend on the yellow point marker towards Valea Sadului on a narrow path. When you reach the road, turn right and follow the asphalt for 800m. At the first bridge on the left side, follow the path up the Prejbei Valley on a forest road. After 500m the trail turns left and through the local courtyards you follow a path not marked for tourists until the next Berali feeding point where you have a time limit of 3h:30 minutes.
Continue on the red cross upwards and after 150m turn left following a forest road for 6km until you meet the blue triangle marker that climbs to the Muma peak, the Jivărț road. The climb leads up to the blue strip trail which continues to the Prejba peak, the highest point of the trail at 1744m. From here it descends directly downhill 400m to meet the red cross marker that descends back to the Berali feed point about 3.5km.
From here you descend along the Red Cross marker back to the Sadului Valley. At the bottom of the hill go left following the river on the left bank for about 2.8km to a stone bridge where you cross the river. From here cross the road and continue the route following the red point marker until you reach the bend of the Măgura about 3km, then another 500m to the Rosengarten spring and from here run left along the red tape marker to the Rosengarten refuge and back to the MGS feeding point.
From here the trail climbs up to Apa Cumpănită on the main ridge of the Cindrel Mountains marked with a red stripe. At the Apa Cumpanita junction turn right on the blue lane and continue on the road down from Păltiniș. On the area with Plai we intersect the cross-country trail and descend to Nea' Ion's hut, where there is the last feeding point. From here it is downhill on the trails for about 5km to Rășinari and the finish of the competition.

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