1 March 2018



These rules apply to participants in the kids' and adults' competition, “Urme pe play”.
The event will take place in Rășinari Commune, Sibiu county, the venue of the event being the space in front of the Cultural Centre.

1 Race characteristics

“Urme pe play” is a sub-mountain running competition.
The route runs on marked trails in Rășinari and on the hills at the foot of the Cindrel and Lotru mountains. The running surface of the trails consists of: asphalt, forest road, mostly natural paths and pastures, i.e. grass and soil. The minimum age for registration is 14 years old for the Cross races and 18 years old for the Semi, Marathon and Ultra Marathon races. People under 14 can take part in kids' races specially organised for them. All participants are required to complete the online registration form and the affidavit, which certifies that they are aware of the conditions and rules of the competition. In the case of minors, a parent or legal tutor must complete the form confirming their permission to participate in the running competition.

2 Obligations of the participants

Participation in the “Urme pe play” is done at one's own risk, in full knowledge of one's ability to participate in the event, physical and mental health. Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety and security. The organiser, partners, sponsors, volunteers and staff involved in the event are not responsible for any injury or damage of any kind that may occur during or as a result of the event. Each participant must sign a declaration of responsibility when picking up the competition number, in which they assume the risks that may result from their participation in “Urme pe play”. Participants are obliged to listen to and follow the directions/instructions of the organiser and the competition staff. The signup kit cannot be mailed in advance. The organizer may prohibit the start or the continuation of the race for any participant if they present themselves in a state of intoxication, is under the influence of doping substances or is in a state of obvious weakness, illness, physical or mental exhaustion.
Running the route requires experience and some knowledge, such as:

  • each participant to have at least a general experience of running competitions, being phisically fit;
  • each participant to have technical knowledge of approaching an unmarked trail through the forest;
  • each participant to be able to safely ascend and descend a steep slope in difficult conditions;
  • each participant should show fair play and act accordingly when the situation demands it;
  • every participant should be aware and have an attitude which takes into account the fact that no matter how many safety measures the organisers take, all the risks resulting from the nature of the competitions, the environment and the conditions in which they take place are not and cannot be covered;
  • each participant must be aware that no prize is above his or her health and life and/or that of other participants and act accordingly to protect themselves when they sense or observe danger.

 Possible dangers: 

  • Slip accidents due to terrain
  • Animal attack - dogs or bears
  • Car accidents on asphalt roads
  • Frostbite, hypothermia
  • Sunstroke, dehydration
  • Any incident should be reported by calling +40799312072 or directly to 112 or the mountain rescue service.

3 Registration of competitors

Registration will only be done online by filling in the registration form provided by the organiser.

No registrations on the day of the competition and one week before the event. This measure is taken in order to optimize the use of logistical resources, to avoid waste or lack of products or services for the registered competitors. ( For example, estimate food items for feeding points, brunch, medals, t-shirts etc.).

Participation fee (RON)

Start Date End Date Cross Semi Marathon Ultra Kids 7 - 9 Kids 10 - 13 Kids 4 - 6
1/15/2023 1/31/2023 100 110 120 150 20 20 20
2/1/2023 3/24/2023 130 140 150 170 30 30 30
3/25/2023 4/16/2023 170 180 210 230 50 50 50

The participation fee can be paid:

  1. Card payment directly from the event website urmepeplay.ro with the registration or later by clicking on the link in the registration confirmation email to be redirected back to payment.

In case of no-show at the start, withdraw or abandon for any reason, the entry fee will not be refunded and will not be valid for a subsequent competition, nor will the entry kit be available for collection. In the event of cancellation of the competition due to force majeure or for reasons beyond the organizer's control, the entry fee will not be refunded. The organizer will in no way bear any additional costs incurred by the participants (transport, accommodation, meals, etc.).

Participation categories

*The age of the participants, reached on the date of the competition, is taken into account.

Race/Age 18-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+
Cross* F/M F/M F/M F/M F/M
Semi* F/M F/M F/M F/M F/M
Marathon* F/M F/M F/M F/M F/M
Ultra* F/M F/M F/M F/M F/M
Kids* 4-6 F/M 7-9 F/M 10-13 F/M 14-17  F/M

*A separate ranking will be made for athletes registered with sports clubs accredited by the national running federation, which will not overlap with the ranking in the table above which is for amateur runners only.

For changing the type of race for which the participant has initially opted (Cross / Semi / Marathon / Ultra) a fee of 50 RON will be charged, plus any difference due to different registration fees. If the transfer is made to a shorter race, the difference is not refunded. These changes are allowed up to 2 days before the event, thereafter they cannot be accepted.
The top three places in each category will be awarded.
If an age category has less than 3 participants, it is merged with another age category.


Cash prizes are awarded to the first 3 places for the open categories for:

  • Semi race, males
  • Semi race, females
  • Cross race males
  • Cross race females
  • Marathon race males
  • Marathon race females
  • Ultra race males
  • Ultra race females


  • First place: 1000 RON
  • Second place: 700 RON
  • Third place: 500 RON

7 Competition procedures

7.1. Technical meeting

A technical meeting will be held for all participants on the day of the competition. During the technical meeting, participants will be informed about the route, dangerous parts, possible changes, as well as the rules of conduct that participants are obliged to follow. The technical meeting will be held at the start line, recommending the presence of all participants.
The technical meeting will take place on the day of the competition 30 minutes before the start.

7.2. Timing

Timing is done to the second, using an electronic system. Each participant will wear a number, which is not transferable. It is the responsibility of the participants to wear the correct competition number (on the front).

7.3 Time limit

The time limit for the CROSS race is 4:00 hours from the start which will be at 11:00 and 15:00 respectively.
Timp limită parcurgere al traseului de  Semi maraton este de 6:00 ore, de la start care va fi la ora 10, respectiv ora 16:00.

Timpul limiă de parcurgere al traseului de maraton va fi de 8 ore de la start care va fi la ora 9:00 , respectiv ora 17:00

The time limit for the ultra marathon race will be 10 hours from the start which will be at 08:00 and 18:00 respectively.

7.4 Intermediate time limit

The purpose of these times is to spare as much as possible the volunteers who have to wait at checkpoints and feeding points, sometimes even in difficult weather conditions. In order to protect both them and the runners we have set some time barriers to eliminate the possibility of unnecessarily prolonging the duration of exposure in the mountain environment. If a runner does not fall within a time barrier, they will be directed to the lower route* in terms of distance and will be given their time. They will not be eligible for a podium finish in the new race even if their time places them in the top 3.

If a participant refuses to abandon the chosen route despite being out of time, they will be allowed to complete the route outside of the official competition and at their own risk. They will have to hand in their number to remove it and will no longer benefit from the support of the closing runner or the support services at the checkpoints and feeding points.

Intermediate time


POI Time limit Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Start 10:00 o'clock 571 0 0 0 0 0 0
MGS 13:45 o'clock
time: 3:45
1145 7.5 680 136 7.5 680 136


POI Time limit Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Start 09:00 o'clock 571 0 0 0 0 0 0
MGS 11:30 o'clock
time: 2:30
1145 7.5 680 136 7.5 680 136
Berali 12:30 o'clock
time: 3:30
1087 14.5 1200 707 7 520 568


POI Time limit Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Start 08:00 571 0 0 0 0 0 0
MGS 10:30 o'clock
time: 2:30
1145 7.5 680 136 7.5 680 136
Berali 11:30 o'clock
time: 3:30
1087 14.5 1200 707 7 520 568

7.5 Race number

Collection of the competition number and the registration packet is made on the basis of an affidavit and ID card or copy of it, at the locations and times set by the organizer, according to the information published on the website.
The competition number must be mounted so that it is visible from the front throughout the competition.
The number must not be cut or altered in any way during the competition.

7.6 Collecting the registration kit

The competition number can be collected

 starting 2 days before the event at the Explorer shop in Sibiu, Turnului street, nr. 13


 on the day of the event, from 07:00 for the ultra race, from 08:00 for the marathon race, from 09:00 for the Semi race and from 10:00 for the Cross race at the special pavilion at the start/finish area in Rasinari.

*It is forbidden to participate with a competition number other than your own. All participants are required to present their identity card at the time of registration, complete the entry form under their own responsibility and sign a copy of the rules. By taking part in this competition, competitors automatically accept the competition rules.

For persons under 18 years of age, the signed consent of the parent or legal guardian is additionally required.

7.7 Removal from the competition

The organiser/race closer reserves the right to stop a participant in the following cases:
- was injured after the start and is unable to continue the race;
- did not meet the pre-announced time limits for certain points on the route;

- appear to be outside the time limit or are having visible difficulty finishing any of the races.
- in exceptional cases.
Any participant who is unable or unwilling to continue the race for any reason must inform the organisers immediately at the start, checkpoints, finish or by calling the emergency numbers +40799312072.
Failure to announce withdrawal from the competition may result in a search and rescue operation (rescue teams, mountain rescue, etc.) at the expense of the participant involved. Withdrawal will be confirmed by signature on the referee sheet. Any participant who withdraws will be assisted as to the best route back to the Start/Stop, but is responsible for his/her own transportation, the route he/she will use and actions following the time and place of withdrawal.

7.8 Checkpoints

Mandatory checkpoints are located along the route. Participants who fail to pass through a checkpoint for any reason will be disqualified.

7.9 Mandatory equipment

As “Urme pe play” is a competition that takes place in the sub-alpine area in April, we have to respect the vagaries of the weather and consider two equipment options depending on the route and weather conditions forecast at the time of the event. We will call them the SUMMER variant respectively the WINTER variant. The organiser will announce 3 days before the event which variant will become mandatory.

SUMMER variant:

  • Sports shoes with profiled sole
  • Waterproof jacket/Windbreaker
  • Water bottle - mandatory as there will be no plastic or disposable cups at the filling points or at the start/finish

WINTER variant:

  • Summer variant +
  • Gloves
  • Cap/Band/Hat
  • Long-sleeved blouse (or shirt + sleeves combination)
  • Long trousers/shorts + long socks (whole leg covered)
  • Emergency blanket

We also recommend for both versions:

  • Fanny pack/Backpack
  • Walking sticks (Optional)
  • Neck warmer
  • Whistle
  • Phone with a charged battery

* Equipment is mandatory throughout the competition. Equipment may be checked by the organisers and referees both before the start of the competition and during the competition. Missing an item of equipment will result in disqualification or penalty.

7.10 Start of the race

It will be given from the square in front of the cultural centre according to the following scheme:

  • Ultra race: 08:00
  • Marathon race: 09:00
  • Semi marathon race: 10:00
  • Cross race: 11:00
  • Kids' race 12:00

7.11 Route

The event is an outdoor competition. The route is unpaved and unprotected, mostly through the forest, using public roads, marked and unmarked trails, etc. Some parts of the route may be considered difficult. The organiser may change the route for various reasons, which include: weather conditions, safety, traffic restrictions, etc. Changes will be announced at technical meetings or by email before the start of the race. On the day of the event there will be a short presentation of the route 30 minutes before the start during the technical meeting.


7.12 Sanctions

  • missing an item of mandatory equipment - 30min penalty
  • missing a checkpoint - disqualification
  • shortening the route - disqualification
  • non-compliance with competition rules - disqualification
  • unsportsmanlike conduct towards other participants, officials, volunteers, referees, public, other persons - disqualification
  • alteration or change of competition numbers - disqualification
  • leaving trash, packaging, equipment, on the course and/or deliberately destroying the environment and course markings will result in disqualification and a ban from participating in any future event.

8 Change of route, other decisions on the conduct of the competition

  • The organiser can change the route at any time or cancel/stop the competition if it cannot be run safely.
  • Supporters may support any competitor provided they respect the rules of conduct, the instructions of the authorities and/or officials and do not hinder the competition.
  • No outside help (supporters, spectators, etc.) is allowed during the competition routes, except in special cases and at the feeding points, where competitors can receive other food or liquids in addition to drinks, fruit and energy food provided by the organisers.
  • All decisions will be made by the competition committee or competition director.
  • In case of force majeure, the organisers may decide to change the route or schedule. In exceptional circumstances it may even be decided to postpone or cancel the race.
  • The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the information displayed on the website, the rules or the schedule, etc. These changes will be notified to the participants at least 5 days before the competition or at the latest when the competition numbers are collected.

9 Appeals 

  • Any appeals will be communicated to the officials immediately after the results are posted (these can be checked online at www.urmepeplay.ro and on the competition facebook page). The appeal must be submitted in writing together with the amount of 50 Ron. If the appeal is accepted, the money will be refunded. Otherwise the appeal fee will be retained.
  • No appeals will be accepted 30 minutes before, during or after the award of the category to which it refers.
 10 To remember

The organizer is a non-profit, non-commercial association with no employees. "Urme pe Play" competition is not a product or service offered for a fee, but is an amateur sporting event whose organisation and running is made possible exclusively by the participation contributions of competitors, the contributions of sponsors/partners, as well as our passion for movement in nature, work outside of permanent jobs and the dedication of our volunteers.

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