Interview with Andrei

Andrei Preda celebrates his birthday at Urme on Play 2023

When you're born in Azuga, the mountain sometimes sneaks unnoticed into your mind. Andrei found this out while skiing and then mountain running. Since his first race, his results have progressively improved, making him one of the best at national level. We start a series of interviews about running, training and the experience of the Urme pe Play with Andrei Preda who has been on the podium at every edition.

Q: What does a training week mean for you?
A: I normally train 7 days a week, even if some days are lighter, I don't really rest completely. Of course when some soreness occurs, which is inevitable, it's best to rest. I've learned this the hard way, rest however you do it, the longer you put it off, the more you'll do it!

Q: Is there a runner who inspires you?
A: I can't say there is a specific runner that inspires me, I try to take something good from each one.

Q: Are there days when you don't feel like running?
A: I definitely have days when I'm tired and don't feel like doing anything, but I usually get over it and get out to workout!

Q: How was your experience at Urme on Play?
A: I love the scenic areas that the competition route takes us through, but also the atmosphere and of course the food at the end. Although I think I'm at an advantage on the more technical and less fast trails, I'll happily come back every time, especially as this year it will be held on my birthday!

Q: What has been the most important achievement for you?
A: I can't think of a specific success. For me it's an achievement to have started some important competitions including world championships. I'm not necessarily aiming for a specific result, I just want to enjoy my whole journey as an athlete as much as I can!

Q: What was the best run?
A: I love long mountain runs, and one of them was the Făgăraș ridge, which I did twice, once alone, the second time with my colleague Leo, but each time I loved it!

Q: Have you ever been chased by a bear? Or maybe some other animal?
A: Over the years I have also had the opportunity to meet bears and other wild animals and sheepdogs. I have not been chased because I know it is not a solution to run away, I consider it better to stay put and try to dominate them. So far I've got away with it, but admittedly I try to avoid them as much as possible, especially sheepfolds with more dogs than sheep! 😀

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