22 December 2022


40.7 km 2320 m 2320 m

08:00 8 hours16:00

Max alt: 1305 m
Avg alt: 893 m
Min alt: 541 m
Longest ascent: 500 m
Longest descent: 600 m


      Accum. Intermediary
POI Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Start 08:00 o'clock 561 0 0 0 0 0 0
MGS Feeding point
1139 8 719 139 8 719 139
Berali Feeding point
1090 15.2 1234 707 7.2 515 568
MGS Feeding point 1147 26.6 1948 1362 11.3 714 655
Nea Ion Feeding point 1018 35.6 2232 1775 9 284 413
Stop Time limit 8 hours 561 40.7 2316 2315 5 84 540

The start will take place in front of the cultural home in Rasinari. The route climbs through the village alleys towards the village of Prislop.
After leaving the village, at about 400m, the competitors of the semi marathon will turn right to go around the village of Prislop and follow the climb to Rosengarten. This will be marked on the access road to Măgura. After about 7km, they will exit the secondary ridge under the power line and follow the road to the main ridge connecting the vf. Măgura and Păltiniș. Here will be located the first feeding point at the MGS hut where volunteers will allow the continuation of the route only to those who meet the time limit of 3:00 from the start.

From here you descend on the yellow point marker towards Valea Sadului on a narrow path. When you reach the road, turn right and follow the asphalt for 700m. At the first bridge on the left side, follow the path up the Prejbei Valley on a forest road. After 500m the trail turns left, and you follow a non-tourist path through some private courtyards to the nextfeeding point, "Berali". 

From here you descend along the Red Cross marker back to the Sadu Valley. At the bottom of the hill go left following the river on the left side for about 1.7km until you reach a stone bridge where you cross the river. From here cross the road and continue the route following the red point marker until you reach the Măgura bend. From here you run left along the Red Strip marker to the Rosengarten refuge and back to the MGS feed point. 

The route climbs to the "Apa Cumpănită" on the Red Strip marker. At the crossroads turn right onto the Blue Strip marker and continue on the road down from Paltiniș. On Fraga you climb up to Nea' Ion's hut, where there is the last feeding point. From here you go down the paths to Rășinari and to the end of the competition.

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