1 March 2018


12.5km 750m 750 m

11:00 4 hours15:00

Alt. max: 1200 m
Avg alt: 841 m
Min alt: 564 m
Longest ascent: 580 m
Longest descent: 490 m
      Accum. Intermediary
POI Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Start 11:00 o'clock 571 0 0 0 0 0 0
Houses valley crossroad   630 2.8 70 0 2.8 70 0
Start of trail Hydratation point 857 4.3 380 77 1.5 310 0
Nea Ion Feeding point 1064 7.2 680 77 2.6 300 77
Coasta Boacii Hydratation point 786 11.2 750 618 3.5 75 382
Stop Time limit 4 hours 571 12.5 750 805 1.3 750 187

The cross route starts in front of the cultural home in Rășinari, immediately turning left after the bridge, then left again passing by the "Sf Paraschiva" church square, then following the paved roads until it leads us to the "Valea Caselor" (valley of the houses). After 2.7km of running through the forest, follow the path marked with a blue line marking to the right that climbs up to Păltiniș. After another 1.5km, leave the main path or forest road and follow the valley upwards on a slightly smaller path that follows the river towards the pastures. The last part of the climb is 1.6km, reaching the highest point of the trail, called "pe Plai", after which you descend another 700m, where you will find the feeding and control point at "Nea Ion's" hut. From here, the path marked with a yellow line marking descends through the forest and on trails of particular beauty for about 5 km. Once in the village, you will follow the trail markers to return to the cultural centre square where the finish area is located.

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